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March 26, 2024

Here are 12 small room organization ideas that you can use to organize your small room. They work for tiny rooms but also work for any bigger rooms.

I used to live in a dorm that was only 60 sq ft. To live in that, I had no choice but to keep things organized. 

These small room organization ideas create that extra space you need. They also give your house the elegant and luxurious look without breaking your bank.

Keep reading to find out.

1. Utilize every possible vertical spaces

small room organization ideas

When you have a small room but also want it to look spacious, you need to use less floor space as much as possible. What does it mean? Go vertical.

Think about stacking, hanging, layering, etc. Go wild.

Every time you see an empty floor space and prepare to use it, see what you can get out of its vertical space. The easiest way is to use vertical organizers or pegs.

You can apply this tip as much as possible in your room, especially over and under cabinets, in wardrobes, on the walls or kitchen.

However, make sure that you don’t over-utilize things. Sometimes, it is hard for the eyes to see a very high tower of organizers or boxes. 

2. Use shelves

Shelving is the best way to use the “though to be no use” corners and spaces. Shelving gives you a lot of extra spaces, and they can be stylish, elegant and durable (how you want them to be).

Some shelves that can make the most out of your small room are wall shelves, corner shelves, and IKEA cube shelves.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves are helpful if you have a collection of books, vases, and decoration items. A pro tip is to get the sturdy wall shelves as you never know when your books or items become too heavy for them. And when it happens, it is a pain to deal with.

Corner shelves

Corner shelves are my favorite go-to whenever I want to utilize those dead-end corners. You can put corner shelves in any corner in your house without making your house ugly or stuffy. I use corner shelves in the kitchen to keep spices, in the bathroom for toiletries and in the living room for some small flowerpots. 

IKEA cube shelves

IKEA cube shelves are many people’s favorite piece of furniture, including myself. I mean, what’s not to love?

The simplest IKEA shelf is just a cube. But from there, you can have a lot of variations to fit your space. 

Want a minimal single column bookshelf? You got it. 

Want something that fits perfectly under your stairs? Easy peasy.  

IKEA cube shelves are simple, sturdy and elegant for the eyes. They create a significant extra space in your home. Give them a try.

3. Collapsible furnitures

These collapsible furniture is a smart space-saving solution for small rooms. They are functional furniture and you can put them away or even hide them when not in use. 

Common collapsible items are Murphy beds, folding tables, folding chairs, folding dining tables.

While I like how much space these furniture can give you while being put away, I do not love their price tags. The space-saving feature is great, but it hurts my wallet. 

However, if a Murphy bed costs around $1,500, a folding dining table costs somewhere around $200, which is a good option if it fits your budget and space saving needs.

4. Hang everything possible on the walls

small room organization ideas

When I was in high school, I started living in a tiny 60 sq ft dorm. Believe it or not, I had a full size bed, a table, a stove and all the kitchen appliances and utensils in that dorm. Not to mention lots of books and my 2 bikes.

I managed using a 3-tiered cart but my parents came to rescue by hanging everything possible on the walls.

I had 2 wall-mounted bookshelves, 1 wall-mounted corner shelf and a pegboard with many pegs. All my books and kitchen stuff then were hung on the walls. I repurposed my dining table and had enough room for me to have a small exercise corner in the morning. 

To start hanging your stuff on the wall, you need a pegboard and lots of pegs. I would avoid using nails as it might damage your walls more.

5. Behind the doors

If you have a tiny room, don’t forget the space behind the doors. And I mean every single door. From the bathroom door or the kitchen cabinet door, every door counts when it comes to saving space.

You can have kitchen pantry storage to hang the commonly used items, a laundry hamper behind the bathroom door, a lid rack behind the cabinet door or a simple hat rack behind the front door. 

Every door can give you that little extra space. 

When you use this tip, remember to measure the space when your doors are completely opened to fit your little storage.

6. Under the bed storage

Many people don’t like to have anything under the bed. And for good reason. 

Because once you put things there, they are easily forgotten. How often do you vacuum under the bed? Even if you use a robot vacuum that can easily go under the bed, if things are there, how can it clean?

However, there are ways to workaround. 

Simply use under-the-bed storage with wheels. If you were to put away big things like suitcases under the bed, just use a big pad with wheels. Just adding wheels to this allows you to move things around every while to have a thorough cleaning.

7. Wardrobe/ Closet: Store more with less

small room organization ideas

I used to own a very big wardrobe. It was big enough to become a room divider to separate my living room and bedroom. But I couldn’t take it with me when I moved to a smaller place. 

It left me no choice but to organize my clothes to fit a small closet. 

Here are some ways to store clothes with less room.

Use vacuum-sealed bags

For off-season clothes, I put them into vacuum seal bags and use a vacuum to suck all the air out as much as possible. This simple solution reduced the space of my off-season clothes by about two-third.

Use thin velvet hangers

Velvet hangers are an affordable yet sturdy and luxurious touch for your wardrobe. They have a slim design that helps to maximize the space in your closet. 

If you own more than 30 pairs of pants, you can even use a hanger hook to connect one hanger to another to decrease the number of hangers on the main bar.

Add second rack/bar for holding clothes

Most wardrobes only feature one bar to hang clothes. But when you add one more bar, you can double the space.

If you have less clothes that need hanging and more folding clothes, consider adding a second rack instead of a second bar.

Use dividers for small clothes items

Small clothes like underclothes are hard to store. As if you put too much into a drawer, when you take one out, the others tend to be pulled out too.

But using dividers help to separate them and create that flat surface for you to organize even more.

8. Ottoman storage

One elegant yet functional piece of furniture for your room: the Ottoman storage. They can be a sofa, a reading chair or a table to your living room while being able to store books, blankets, throw pillows and toys inside them.

Although the Ottoman pieces are nice enough to be in your living room, you can literally use them anywhere except for the bathroom as the moisture can damage it. 

9. IKEA Shoes/Cabinet organizer

This is by far the space-saving yet beautiful piece that you can have. It is versatile and can be in any room or hallway. 

You can store so much in this organizer. Not just shoes, but towels, gloves, hats, workout items, books, etc.

To add more space, you can add another cabinet on top of the current one and you are good to go. 

10. Spinning organizer

Or some can call it a lazy Susan. Either way, it is a good way to use every little space while allowing an easy reach. I cannot remember how many times I tried to grab my lotion but then ended up knocking at least 3 other cosmetic bottles.

You can use a spinning organizer anywhere: a small one on your table to keep your cosmetics, another one in the kitchen for keeping spices, another one in the cabinet to store all cleaning supplies, or pans and pots.

11. Angle bins or wire rack basket

My sister gave me this tip. When you try to stuff many things in a bin or basket to put away, especially if you organize them vertically, it’s hard to know what’s in there. You must pull them out to find what you are looking for.

An angle bin or a wire rack basket reveals what’s in them and saves you time.

12. Plate organizer

A plate organizer doesn’t only store plates perfectly. But it can be used to store cutting boards, lids, or even makeup palettes (anything that is quite flat).

What’s next?

Start small. Take one idea at a time and apply it to organize your small room. Grab my cleaning and organizing checklist (FREE!) for an easier job done.

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