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Mai Pham
December 15, 2023

In my house, really there was nothing worth more than a robot vacuum as all my furniture is durable and affordable. My friend’s house, however, has a different story. She recently bought an antique couch set and honestly, I think she loves them more than me. Whenever I pay her a visit, the first thing she says when she sees me is, “Sit down gently so you don’t break my couch!”

One day when I visited her, I realized the piece of chocolate bar that I dropped under her couch 2 days ago was still there. Turns out she hasn’t had a chance to vacuum the floor and her robot vacuum would scratch her previous couch so she doesn’t allow it to vacuum the living room. Ha!

To help her have a clean floor as before without worrying to death about her antique couch, I am on the search for the best robot vacuum that does not bump into the furniture. If you are looking for the same thing, let me take you for a ride.

Quick look: best robot vacuum that doesn’t bump into furniture

I highly recommend Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni as it is trustworthy, and durable with an advanced navigation system that can detect obstacles and avoid them. All you need is to do regular maintenance to keep it running at its peak performance. The only downside with Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is the high price. For a more affordable option, I recommend Ecovacs Deebot N8+ Pro.

What to Look for in a Robot Vacuum that Stays Away from Furniture

Navigation system

If you want to protect your precious furniture from your robot vacuum while having your floor clean, you must prioritize the navigation system.

The simplest and most basic navigation is the bump-and-run. It means your robot vacuum will run until it bumps into something and changes direction. While this is effective with cleaning, it is not friendly to your furniture.

From there, things get more complicated. And more advanced robot vacuums are born. Most modern robot vacuums are equipped with advanced navigation systems to take things up a notch.

I list below a list of navigation systems, ranking in the order of efficiency in protecting your furniture with the bottom being the most effective.

  • Sensor-based navigation is the most primitive type of navigation used in robot vacuums, and sensors such as drop detectors, wall detectors, obstacle sensors, carpet sensors, dirt sensors, optical sensors and battery sensors are used to help them navigate.
  • Camera mapping is an effective way for robots to navigate but have issues with navigating in darkness or deep shadows.
  • Gyroscopes are also used to calculate the distance from the robot to obstacles in a home and enable a better understanding of where the robot is located.
  • SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is a technique that uses either Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) or a camera to create a map of the environment and track where the robot is within it.
  • Lidar is a sophisticated form of SLAM navigation that uses multiple lasers which hit objects in the room and measure reflected pulses of light to determine its location relative to obstacles. It can have difficulty detecting very small objects like cables and wires.

Set up no-go zones

The more advanced the navigation system, the higher the price is. If you don’t want your precious furniture to have marks and dents, but also don’t want to invest a fortune in a robot vacuum, consider having a robot vacuum with no-go zones.

No-go zones are virtual walls you set up to keep your robot vacuum away from specific areas. In this case, you can section off the area with antique furniture and put a no-go zone around it so that your robot vacuum won’t get near it.

I also wrote an article on tips to block robot vacuums from stairs and furniture, make sure you also check it out.

Reviews of The Top 5 Robot Vacuums That Do Not Bump Into Furniture


The ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo is a revolutionary cleaning tool that takes the chore out of housekeeping. With its All-In-One Omni Station, the X1 automatically empties the dustbin after vacuuming and washes and dries mop heads after mopping, providing maximum convenience for users.

The 5,000PA suction power ensures deep cleaning on both hard floors and carpets while the all-new OZMO Turbo rotating mopping system effectively removes stubborn stains and debris. Thanks to TrueMapping laser-based navigation technology, the X1 creates efficient cleaning paths with fewer missed spots. Plus, with AIVI 3D Technology, it can identify and avoid obstacles up to two inches in height with utmost precision-even in low light conditions. The intuitive voice control system makes using the X1 as easy as saying a command, and its Jacob Jensen design adds a touch of elegance to any home décor.

The advanced TrueMapping laser-based navigation technology allows this vacuum to scan its surroundings and create efficient cleaning paths. This technology enables the X1 to detect obstacles in its path, including furniture, and avoid bumping into them. With this precision mapping and navigation system, the X1 can methodically clean your home without missing any spots or causing damage to your furniture.

What do people say after using it?


  • The Yiko DEEBOT X1 robot vacuum is powerful, dependable, and operates quietly.
  • Utilizes TrueMapping laser-based navigation technology for efficient and quick cleaning paths.
  • Features 5,000PA suction force and OZMO Turbo rotating mopping technology for effective removal of stubborn stains and dirt.
  • Comes with automated functions such as auto-emptying of dust bin, auto-filling of water tank, and auto-drying of mop heads.
  • Can analyze home surroundings using combined technologies such as camera-based mapping, Lidar-based mapping, gyroscope or accelerometer mapping.
  • Large 4L capacity clean water tank and 3L sealed dust bag can keep debris for up to 60 days.
  • AI-based natural voice control command YIKO allows users to direct the robot to clean without lifting a finger.


  • The price tag of $1500 may be expensive for some customers.

ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+

The ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot Vacuum is the cheaper model that can more or less protect your furniture the same way as the Deebot X1 Omni.

It has an advanced navigation system that uses Truedetect laser-based 3D technology to detect objects such as cables or pet messes, allowing it to avoid getting stuck.

Additionally, its TrueMapping laser-based LiDAR navigation generates maps with 4X greater precision and 2X greater range than standard laser mapping, ensuring a more efficient path while vacuuming. F

urthermore, you can also set up no-go zones which section off areas with antique furniture so that your robot vacuum won’t get near it. With all these features combined, the Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot Vacuum will never bump into your furniture!

What do people say after using it?


  • The N8 Pro is an overall great bot, with good mapping and features
  • Cleans and mops well; reliable and sturdy.
  • Mapping is excellent and quick.
  • Used in two apartments with great results.
  • Hard-floor cleaning is superior to other robot vacuums.
  • Never bump into furniture


  • Battery life and TrueDetect are not worth the extra cost.
  • Ecovacs has poor support for their older bots with no new parts available and no intent to fix software issues.
  • The AutoEmpty bin works great but needs a reusable system.
  • Navigation is ok; TrueDetect is only alright and doesn’t always work as expected.
  • Battery life is abysmal; it recharges for five hours even when there’s still cleaning to be done.
  • App features are basic, with room for improvement in speed, widgets, custom settings, 3rd party integration.
  • Pet hair gets stuck in the wheels, brush, and spinny things, making it difficult to use.
  • The application included is pleasant to use but requires further tutorial instruction.
  • May struggle on high rugs due to low ground clearance.

Zigma Spark 980 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

The Zigma Spark 980 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is another affordable option with advanced navigation and mapping. This robot vacuum features 360° lidar navigation, providing it with advanced positioning to map out the room in its entirety.

With its powerful 4000Pa suction, it can easily lift dust and hair from hard floors as well as deeper carpets. It’s also compatible with Alexa and Siri for hands-free operation, making it even easier to keep your home clean without having to lift a finger.

In addition, the Zigma Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop has 6 powerful cleaning functions that can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. And with its ultra-slim 2.85” body, it can easily reach narrow spaces with ease. So not only it doesn’t bump into your furniture, but it can also clean underneath it.

What do people say after using it?


  • Almost never bump into the furniture. Can clean under furniture.
  • Easy to use with voice commands and app.
  • Big dustbin
  • Good performance on both hardwood and carpeted floors.
  • GREAT suction power, can pull up dust that conventional vacuums have missed.
  • Great for pet owners
  • Can be controlled using Alexa or Google Home.
  • Affordable


  • Robot can become confused in rooms with multiple obstacles.
  • Robot does not have a camera for more accurate navigation.

Roborock Q7+

The Roborock Q7+ is a powerful and smart robot vacuum that delivers an exceptional cleaning experience with its advanced features. With the Auto-Empty Dock Pure Support, this device can automatically empty itself after cleanup, storing up to seven weeks of debris.

The 2700Pa HyperForce suction power lifts dirt from floors, drags it from cracks, and draws it from carpets with ease. PreciSense LiDAR navigation creates accurate maps of your home and tracks cleaning routes effectively for optimal results.

Additionally, the vacuum and mop feature allows you to clean fine dust that vacuuming alone may miss. With 3D Mapping, you can add furniture and floor materials to recreate your home virtually. The upgraded brush system keeps the roller close to the floor for more effective cleaning on uneven surfaces.

And with a super-sized battery powering the robot for up to three hours of non-stop cleaning, you can enjoy a deep clean without worrying about battery life.

The Roborock Q7+ is equipped with advanced obstacle avoidance technology that prevents it from bumping into furniture or other objects in your home. With PreciSense LiDAR navigation, the robot can create accurate maps of your home and track cleaning routes effectively. It uses this information to avoid obstacles and navigate around furniture with precision, ensuring a thorough cleaning without causing any damage to your belongings.

Additionally, you can add No-Go Zones and Invisible Walls on every level using the app, giving you even more control over where the robot can and cannot go. With these features, the Roborock Q7+ delivers a seamless cleaning experience that keeps your home looking its best while protecting your furniture and other valuables.

What people say about it


  • The app is efficient and user-friendly.
  • Maintenance is easy, and the overall performance of the Roborock Q7+ is good. It moves slowly and operates more quietly than the Roomba.
  • The mapping system works flawlessly, allowing users to draw zones that the robot cannot enter, preventing it from getting stuck.


  • There have been some minor bugs and quirks in the app’s performance.
  • The dust bin’s size requires frequent emptying, although it is still easier than with previous Roomba models.

Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a top-of-the-line device that offers superior cleaning capabilities. With its True HEPA filter, the robot can capture up to 99.97 percent of allergens and fine dust particles as small as 0.3 microns, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

The vacuum’s pleated design provides greater filtering surface area without sacrificing suction power, while the mesh material makes it easy to clean. The Neato D10 is also designed to complete the job efficiently, offering up to 300 minutes of runtime and up to 2,700 square feet in a single charge.

Users can optimize performance and battery life by using energy-saving Eco mode. Additionally, the robot’s LaserSmart smart map navigation with LiDAR ensures every inch of your home is vacuumed completely.

The Neato D10 also comes equipped with three cleaning modes: Eco Mode for hard surfaces, Turbo Mode on carpet or in areas that need a more powerful clean, and Max Mode for those extra tough jobs – available exclusively on Neato D10 only.

Finally, users can customize their clean with Multi-Zone Cleaning and select up to 16 areas and choose the cleaning modes that are best suited for every room’s needs based on the floor surface type and room usage – all from the palm of their hand via the MyNeato App.

The Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner uses advanced LaserSmart smart map navigation with LiDAR technology to navigate around your home and avoid bumping into furniture. The robot creates a detailed map of your home, which it uses to plan its cleaning path and avoid obstacles.

The LiDAR sensor allows the robot to detect furniture and other objects in its path, enabling it to navigate around them smoothly without causing damage or getting stuck. Additionally, the robot’s D-shape design allows for a brush that’s up to 70 percent bigger than those round robots, allowing it to clean corners and edges more effectively.

Overall, the combination of LaserSmart smart map navigation with LiDAR technology and the D-shape design ensures that the Neato D10 can clean your home efficiently without bumping into furniture or getting stuck.

What do people say about it


  • It avoids furniture all the time, and even if it bumps, it does so very gently.
  • Neato D7 performs with great accuracy, reliability and suction power.
  • It has been able to navigate back to its base 99% of the time, unless a bedroom door was closed.
  • Neato can alert when stuck or if something jams the brush.
  • Software updates are available and customer service is excellent.
  • Floor transitions from tile, wood to carpet are no problem, despite being up to 1/2″ high.
  • The D7 Botvac was easy to set up and had an excellent out-of-box experience.
  • Its LIDAR allows it to navigate around obstacles with a 4″ clearance, including open doors.
  • On its first run in the kitchen, it collected a significant amount of cat hair missed by a traditional vacuum cleaner.
  • The filter and spiral brush are easily removed and cleaned with scissors and provided comb.


  • To generate a usable floor map with the Neato D7, it requires several steps such as removing brushes, setting up docking station on hard floor with no angled walls, using NEATO app, etc.
  • Setting No-Go lines has a limit of 50.
  • NEATO will only clean whole house or scheduled rooms; Alexa can start Neato cleaning but not pause, stop or send to dock. -The App does not list daily cleaning schedule alphabetically or by days but times in day order (earliest to latest).
  • It can be loud on its Turbo setting but the Extra Care setting is better for protecting fragile items.
  • The App allows one-room selection for vacuuming and Alexa integration has yet to be figured out.
  • It is suggested to not push battery capacity too far in order to maximize battery life span.

Other ways to keep your robot vacuum from bumping into furniture

1. Install edge strips.

Edge strips are a great way to keep your robot vacuum from bumping into furniture, as it will recognize the strip and back away when it approaches its boundary.

If you don’t want the edge strips to be visible, try something transparent looking like this.

2. Put out virtual walls or boundaries.

Some higher-end models come with virtual wall technology that allows you to set up boundaries that your robot vacuum won’t cross. You can also purchase separate virtual wall devices to set up zones in your home that your robot vacuum is not allowed to enter.

If your robot vacuum is a Roomba, you can try these virtual wall barriers.

3. Use sensors and anti-collision technology.

Robot vacuums are equipped with advanced sensors, such as infrared and ultrasonic, which help them detect obstacles in their path and avoid them. Some robot vacuums also come with anti-collision technology, which helps the robot detect and avoid edges or furniture before it bumps into them.

4. Rearrange your furniture.

If you’re having trouble with your robot vacuum bumping into furniture, try rearranging the items in your home to give the robot more space to maneuver. This will help it navigate around furniture more easily and reduce the number of times it bumps into things.

5. Utilize room mapping technology.

Robot vacuums with room mapping technology are able to map out a given area and use this information to determine the best path for cleaning without bumping into furniture. This allows the robot to clean more efficiently and reduces the risk of it bumping into furniture.

Allow your robot vacuum to map the house and save each floor plan.

Final thought

So there you have it! Robot vacuums are great for keeping our floors clean but can be a nightmare if they bump into our furniture. Do some research on the navigation system and set up no-go zones if needed. Investing in a good robot vacuum will not only save your time but also protect your furniture from any damage.

About the Author

I am a working mother who more than often prefer to come home and rest rather than doing house chores. I am passionate about simplifying house chores to live and enjoy life more.

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