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Mai Pham
December 15, 2023

Having a robot vacuum is a great way to keep your floors clean and free of dust, dirt and pet hair. But if you want to get the most out of your robotic cleaning companion, it’s important to understand how suction power works. Suction power determines how well the robot can pick up dirt from carpets and hard flooring surfaces. In this article, we’ll provide tips on maximizing its performance. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to make sure your robot vacuum maintains optimal performance for years to come!

How Suction Power Impacts Cleaning Performance

Suction power is a key factor in determining how effectively your robot vacuum will be able to clean. Higher suction power allows the robot to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, and other particles more efficiently, resulting in overall better cleaning performance and fewer missed spots. Additionally, higher suction power also decreases the amount of time it takes your robot vacuum to complete a cleaning cycle.

However, the stronger suction power doesn’t necessarily mean the better. What you need is the right balance between suction power and a robot vacuum’s features. Read my article “Is The Stronger Suction Power, The Better” to find out.

Tips To Increase Suction Power of A Robot Vacuum

Keep Your Robot Vacuum Clean

Debris and dust can quickly clog up your vacuum’s filter, reducing its suction power. This is because the small particles of dirt, pet hair, and other debris get stuck in the filter as they are sucked into the vacuum.

As more debris accumulates over time, it will eventually reduce airflow to the motor and decrease suction power. If left unchecked for too long, this could even lead to overheating or permanent damage to your robot vacuum’s motor.

To ensure optimal performance from your robot vacuums over a longer period of time, it’s important that you regularly clean out its filters so that they don’t become blocked with dirt or dust!

Adjust Settings for Different Surfaces

Different floor types can have a major impact on the suction power required to effectively clean them. Carpets, for example, require more suction power than hardwood floors because the fibers absorb dirt and dust particles which can be difficult to extract. This is why many robot vacuums offer adjustable suction settings to accommodate different flooring types.

To get the most out of your robot vacuum, make sure to read the instructions and adjust the suction settings appropriately for each type of flooring in your home. This will ensure that your robot vacuums can effectively clean carpets and hardwood floors without overworking their motor or compromising on performance.

When setting up your robot vacuums, start by making sure the power level is set to the highest level for carpets and other thick rugs. If you have hardwood floors or tile, lower the power level so that it is just enough to pick up dirt and dust particles but not too much that it’s overworking the motor. With these simple steps, you can ensure your robot vacuums don’t use more energy than necessary while still achieving great results!

With the current robot vacuums on the market, you don’t have to manually do this setting yourself. Some robot vacuums can automatically adjust their suction power, depending on the surfaces they detect.

  • iRobot Roomba s9+: This robot vacuum automatically increases suction power when it detects a carpet, then lowers it again when transitioning to hardwood floors or tile.
  • Eufy RoboVac G20 Hybrid: This robot vacuum also uses its sensors to detect carpets and adjust the suction power accordingly for maximum cleaning performance in all floor types.
  • Neato Botvac D7 Connected: This robot vacuum features an advanced laser mapping system that scans your home’s interior and adjusts the suction power depending on the surface type detected.

Use Accessories to Enhance Cleaning Efficiency

One of the most effective ways to enhance the cleaning efficiency of a robot vacuum is to use accessories such as brush rolls or side brushes. Brush rolls are usually located in the center of the robot vacuum and function like a roller brush, cleaning dust and dirt from carpets and hard floors. The bristles on these rollers can be made from different materials, such as silicone or rubber, depending on the model and their purpose.

Side brushes are also useful for cleaning hard-to-reach places like corners and along edges where dirt tends to accumulate. These brush attachments can be used in conjunction with the main brush roll of the robot vacuum, improving its overall suction power and effectiveness.

Using accessories is an effective way to increase the suction power of a robot vacuum and ensure optimal cleaning performance. By utilizing brush rolls, side brushes, and other attachments, you can make sure your robot vacuums clean thoroughly without overworking their motor or compromising on performance. In order to maximize the effectiveness of these accessories, it’s important to use them properly. Be sure to read the instructions and follow them carefully to ensure that your robot vacuum is able to perform at its best.

Replace Parts Regularly

Robot vacuums, like any other device, require regular maintenance and replacement of parts in order to continue running efficiently. Over time, the filters and dust bin may become clogged and impede the suction power of the robot vacuum. Regularly replacing these parts can help to improve suction power, as well as increase overall performance.

Likewise, older models may require the battery to be replaced more often than newer models in order to ensure optimal performance. Replacing parts can help to keep your robot vacuum running smoothly.

Replacing parts on your robot vacuum is an important part of ensuring that it runs efficiently and performs optimally. Depending on the model and age of your vacuum, you may need to replace parts more often than others. Generally speaking, filters should be replaced every three months, while the dust bin may need to be emptied after each use.

As for batteries, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s instructions for more information. Regularly replacing parts can help to keep your robot vacuum running at its best and increase suction power.

Choose the Right Robot Vacuum Model

When you’re looking for a robot vacuum with strong suction capabilities, it’s important to consider a few factors. Motor strength and filter type are two of the most important considerations when choosing a robot vacuum that has powerful suction power.

Other factors such as size, maneuverability, battery life, noise level, and advanced features should also be taken into account before making your purchase. By considering all these features carefully, you can ensure that your new robotic vacuum will have the power to clean effectively in any environment.

For example, the iRobot Roomba s9+ is an advanced robot vacuum that is designed to deliver superior suction power and deep cleaning performance. Unlike traditional vacuums, this smart robot vacuuming system uses a patented three-stage cleaning process to thoroughly remove dirt, debris, and allergens from your floors – all while taking up less space in your home. With its advanced filter system, powerful motor, and patented cleaning process, this model is sure to provide superior suction power and deep cleaning performance in any home.


In order to maximize the suction power of your robot vacuum, it’s important to use attachments such as brush rolls and side brushes properly. Furthermore, regular maintenance is key in ensuring that your robot vacuums run efficiently and perform optimally; filters should be replaced every three months while the dust bin needs to be emptied after each use. Additionally, choosing a model with powerful motor strength and filter type can help you achieve optimal performance. By following these tips, you can ensure that your robotic vacuum will have the power to clean effectively in any environment.

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