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November 30, 2023

Wall art plays a vital role in defining the personality of your home decor. It can tie a room together, serve as a conversation starter, or even provide a splash of color to a somewhat subdued space. This guide aims to assist you in selecting the perfect piece of wall art for your living room.

How to choose the right wall art for the living room

Choosing the right wall art for your living room involves understanding the room’s characteristics, your style, and the type of art you desire. Consider size, color, theme, and budget. Arranging art should create visual balance, with the center at eye level.

Analyzing Your Living Room

Wall Art for the Living Room

Before embarking on the journey to find the ideal wall art, it’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate the unique attributes of your living room. Consider factors like the room’s dimensions, the color palette, and the existing decor style.

For instance, spacious living rooms can effortlessly accommodate large, dramatic artwork like a landscape painting, whereas compact spaces might benefit from a gallery wall of smaller, coordinating pieces.

Similarly, if your living room follows a minimalist aesthetic, a striking black-and-white photograph could be a fitting choice. In contrast, for a room teeming with eclectic charm, an abstract art piece bursting with vibrant hues would complement perfectly.

Finding Your Style

Once you have a clear understanding of your living room’s characteristics, it’s time to start exploring different styles of wall art.

Abstract paintings and prints are versatile options that can add a touch of sophistication or whimsy to any room.

Landscape paintings or photography evoke a sense of wanderlust and bring the outdoors inside.

For a more traditional look, consider classic paintings or prints of famous artworks.

And for a personalized touch, opt for custom-made pieces featuring your photography or artwork.

Considering Wall Art Types

Wall Art for the Living Room

When choosing wall art for your living room, consider the type of art that best complements the room’s atmosphere and style.

Canvas prints, for instance, can create a focal point in your living room. They offer a sophisticated look and can be displayed on their own or as part of a gallery wall.

On the other hand, framed prints offer a more traditional touch, suitable for a classic living room decor.

Metal wall art, meanwhile, can add a modern and edgy vibe, contrasting well with more traditional furniture pieces.

For those wanting to add a sense of depth to the room, consider 3D wall art. It can add texture and interest to your living room design.

Remember, the type of wall art you choose should resonate with your style and the overall aesthetic of the room.

Types of Wall Art

Myriad types of wall art can complement your living room.

Paintings, whether they are modern abstract pieces or traditional landscapes, are an excellent choice.

If you’re a photography enthusiast, consider adorning your walls with beautiful black-and-white or color photographs.

Wall sculptures, made from materials like wood, metal, or glass, can add a three-dimensional effect to your decor.

Alternatively, wall tapestries bring texture and warmth to your living room, and they are a great choice if you’re aiming for a bohemian or rustic vibe.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Wall Art

Several factors play into choosing the right piece of wall art for your living room. Here are some key considerations:

  • Size: The scale of the artwork should be proportionate to the wall on which it will be hung. Measure the available space and aim for a piece that will take up two-thirds to three-fourths of the wall. Remember, when it comes to wall art, it’s often better to err on the side of too big than too small.
  • Color: Your art should complement the existing color scheme of your room. A piece with a splash of color that matches your throw pillows or rug can tie your room together beautifully.
  • Theme: Consider the theme of your room. Is it modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic? Choose art that aligns with your room’s theme.
  • Material: The material of the wall art can add a different dimension to your room. For example, metal or glass can add a modern vibe, while canvas or fabric can create a cozy, comfortable environment.
  • Budget: Finally, keep your budget in mind. While original pieces can be pricey, there are plenty of affordable prints and copies available.

Tips for Arranging Wall Art

What Art Makes a Living Room Look Bigger

Arranging wall art isn’t just about hanging a piece in the middle of the wall. Here are some tips to create an attractive display:

  • Creating a Focal Point: The largest piece of art should be at eye level, typically 60 inches from the ground. This will draw the eye and create a focal point.
  • Arranging Multiple Pieces: If you have several smaller pieces, consider grouping them. Keep them at least 2-3 inches apart and aim for balance and symmetry in the arrangement.
  • Correct Hanging Height: Artwork should be hung so that the center of the piece is at eye level. This is typically 60 inches from the floor. If you’re hanging art above a piece of furniture, it should be 6-8 inches above the top of the furniture.


Choosing the right wall art for your living room may seem daunting, but with these guidelines in mind, you’re well on your way to creating a space that is both beautiful and uniquely yours. Remember, the best wall art not only complements your decor but also speaks to your style and passions.

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