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Mai Pham
December 27, 2023

If you’ve encountered a situation where your Eufy robot vacuum keeps beeping, you’re not alone. This can be an annoying issue, but rest assured, this usually signals a need for attention rather than a major fault. The beeping is a form of communication used by your Eufy robot vacuum to indicate various statuses or issues that require your immediate attention. It might be as simple as the device needing a routine clean-up or as complex as a mechanical issue. In this guide, we will delve deeper into the reasons behind this persistent beeping and provide solutions to get your vacuum back to its quiet operation.

Eufy Robot Vacuum Keeps Beeping: Meaning of Beeping Codes

Eufy robot vacuums are designed to notify you of any issues through audible beeping sounds and a red indicator light that can either flash or remain solid. The specific meaning conveyed by the red light depends on whether it is flashing or solid. This feature ensures that you stay informed about the vacuum’s status and can address any problems effectively.

Eufy robot vacuum keeps beeping with a flashing light

Number of beepsMeaning and troubleshoot
One beepMeaning: The RoboVac is stuck somewhere or it is hanging over the edge.
Troubleshoot: Check the vacuum’s position and make sure it is placed on a flat surface and without obstacles.
Two beepsMeaning: The RoboVac’s bumper is stuck.
Troubleshoot: Start by vigorously tapping, pulling, or shaking the bumper to clear any obstructing debris and ensure its flexibility and use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the surface of the bumper.
If needed, loosen the screws and realign the bumper.
Three beepsMeaning: The RoboVac’s drop sensors are dirty.
Troubleshoot: Use a clean dry cloth to clean all 3 drop sensors.
Four beepsMeaning: Battery is low
Troubleshoot: Re-connect the adapter and the charging base. Clean the pins on the charging base and on the bottom of the vacuum with a dry clean cloth. Then charge the RoboVac till full.

Eufy robot vacuum keeps beeping with a solid light

Number of beepsMeaning and troubleshoot
One beepMeaning: The wheel is stuck.
Troubleshoot: Simply clean the wheels. If this doesn’t work, try disassembling the wheels to make sure nothing is stuck beneath it.
Two beepsMeaning: The RoboVac’s side brush is stuck.
Troubleshoot: Remove the side brushes to clean them out, and clean the connector on the vacuum.
If needed, replace the side brushes or rotate them.
Three beepsMeaning: The RoboVac’s suction fan is stuck.
Troubleshoot: Empty the dust collector, clean the suction inlet and air passage, and check to make sure the filters are properly aligned and in place. Shake out any debris that might be stuck in the suction area.
Make sure all parts are dry before installing.
Four beepsMeaning: The RoboVac’s rolling brush is stuck.
Troubleshoot: Remove the rolling brush and side brushes to clean them out.

Eufy robot vacuum keeps beeping 4 to 5 times with a solid light when on charger

If your Eufy RoboVac beeps 4 or 5 times with a solid red light while on the charger, it may indicate battery issues. Troubleshoot by reconnecting the adapter, ensuring a successful self-dock, allowing over 6 hours of charging, and checking for a steady blue light. If the problem persists and the RoboVac is over a year old, consider replacing the battery.


Why is my RoboVac beeping?

Your RoboVac may beep for various reasons, such as getting stuck or encountering an obstacle. But if it beeps persistently with a solid red light while on the charger, it indicates a battery issue. Follow the steps above to troubleshoot.

Why does my robot vacuum keep stopping and beeping?

Each robot vacuum brands have different beeping codes and meanings. If your Eufy RoboVac keeps stopping and beeping, it indicates a problem that needs your attention. Follow our guide above to identify the reasons and fix it.

Why is my EUFY beeping 4 times?

If your Eufy RoboVac beeps 4 times, it means the rolling brush is stuck or low battery. Check the light as well to know which is the exact reason.


We hope this guide helped you troubleshoot the persistent beeping of your Eufy robot vacuum. Remember to follow the steps thoroughly and consider replacing the battery if needed. With proper maintenance, your RoboVac should continue to efficiently clean your home without any interruptions.

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