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Mai Pham
April 19, 2024

Having a robot vacuum will free up a lot of your effort, only if you don’t have to manually run a regular vacuum on your carpets. While a robot vacuum is a pricey investment, carpets are not cheap either. And you don’t want to save up time vacuuming just to find out you have to replace your carpets much sooner than you thought. Here’s what I’ve found out about whether robot vacuums can damage carpets.

Robot vacuums with bristle bars can damage carpets to some extent. Your carpets might be damaged if they have long fibers or loop pile styles. In contrast, if they are cut pile styles with short fibers, your robot vacuum won’t greatly impact them. There are also other types of robot vacuums without bristle bars that are gentle for all carpet types.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into the carpet types to find out which one you have, and how to reduce the damage to the minimum if you already purchased a robot vacuum with a bristle bar.

Different Types of Carpets

Cut Pile Styles

Cut pile carpets are made by cutting the yarn loops to create an upright pile.

Cut pile carpet

Depending on the length of the pile and how tight the tufts are made, cut pile carpet can be made to be extremely soft or stiff.

Cut-pile carpets with low piles are generally more durable and can be used with robot vacuums, while the piles from high-pile carpets can be pulled out when using robot vacuums.

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Loop Pile Styles

Loop pile carpets use full yarn loops with different heights to create patterns and styles.

Loop pile carpet

Loop-pile carpets are less sensitive to robot vacuums in general. You will notice less fiber being collected in the dust bin after each vacuum run. However, the robot vacuum can pull out the fiber from the surface, giving your carpet an old fluffy look.

These carpets with high piles can be damaged even more with a robot vacuum having a bristle bar, as the bar will pull the loops and mess up the texture faster.

Cut Pile and Loop Pile Combined

Cut pile and loop pile carpet

Some carpets have both cut and loop piles in a pattern to create a unique look and style. Depending on the length of the piles, some parts might be more sensitive toward robot vacuums than others.

When selecting a robot vacuum for this type of carpet, it’s best to get one that is gentle for the most sensitive part so that it won’t damage your precious carpet.

How To Find Out Which Carpet Type You Own

It is relatively easy to find out which type of carpet you have just by closely looking at it or using your hand to touch the carpet.

Just by looking at the fiber, you can easily detect whether your carpets are cut pile or loop pile.

When touching, cut-pile carpets generally give a softer and fluffier texture while loop-pile carpets feel sturdy and stiff.

Hand touching the carpet

Can Your Robot Vacuum Be Used For Carpets

A white high cut-pile carpet

A robot vacuum with a bristle bar can pull out fibers from a carpet and wear out your carpet fast. If your robot vacuum’s main brush is made of silicon only without bristle, you can use it for your carpets.

Even though the silicon main brush still hits the fiber loops on your carpet, the damage is much lower. However, it still wears out your carpet faster than using a regular vacuum.

Bristle bar and silicon bar

As much as I love having a like-new carpet, I love my time relaxing more. Considering the cost and benefits, a robot vacuum is still a no-brainer for me.

Some robot vacuums can even detect the carpets and automatically change to carpet mode. But some are designed to avoid carpets when detecting one.

If your vacuum has a bristle bar, you might want to twerk it a little bit to reduce the damage to your carpets to a minimum.

How To Reduce The Damage Of Your Robot Vacuum To The Carpet

Remove The Bristle Bar

Removing the bristle bar from your vacuum

If the bristle bar is the main reason for your carpets looking like an old rug in a dumpster, consider removing the bristle bar from it when vacuuming your carpets.

Your robot vacuum can still work after removing the bristle bar, however, expect less cleanliness as it cannot beat the fiber loops to get into the dirt.

When removing the bristle bar, make sure you increase the suction to compensate for it.

Run it twice across your carpets to clean more effectively.

Clean Your Carpet Less Frequently

If your robot vacuum’s main brush doesn’t have a bristle, it is safe to use on carpets. However, after a few uses, you might still notice your carpet worn out faster.

Keep a close eye on your carpet’s condition after a few uses. If you notice a lot of fibers in the dust bin after every use, consider cleaning your carpet less frequently.

While you can set up scheduled clean up twice per day for your entire apartment, try blocking your carpeted area from those scheduled clean up and only run the vacuum on carpets when you are home.

Can Robot Vacuums Damage Carpets: Final Thought

Although there are some potential damages to carpets when using robot vacuums, a robot vacuum is still a time-saver and you can use that time to do a lot of other stuff, like working on your side hustle to earn extra income, cooking, watching TV, or sleeping.

Spending time for yourself is much more valuable to your well-being than spending your time to lengthen your carpet’s lifespan.

About the Author

I am a working mother who more than often prefer to come home and rest rather than doing house chores. I am passionate about simplifying house chores to live and enjoy life more.

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