Having a robot vacuum is great. It takes a big chunk of cleaning chores from your hand. But one thing with a regular robot vacuum is that you need to empty the dustbin afterward, ideally after every cleaning session.

You might remember to do so at the beginning. But once you have your robot vacuum running regularly, it doesn’t collect as much dust to make the dustbin full. And you notice that if you forget to empty it, the next cleaning session still can get done.

So why bother to empty it every time? You can just let it be until your robot vacuum alerts you to empty it before it can run again, can’t you?

Let’s find out if you should do so. And if not, what are the best self-empty robot vacuums for hardwood floors?

Why You Should Empty Your Robot Vacuum Often

Clean the robot vacuum

You should empty your robot vacuum often to keep it at peak performance and to have fewer dust particles. Let’s look at what would happen if you don’t empty your robot vacuum.

It Will Stop During The Cleaning Session

Most robot vacuums will automatically stop during the cleaning session or not start cleaning at all when they detect the dirt bins are full. Empty the dirt bin and it can go back to work like normal.

However, if you are not home and your robot vacuum stops in the middle of the cleaning session, it can damage the battery if happens too often.

The Filter Gets Dirty Quickly

Dust in the dustbin

As the robot vacuum works by suctioning dirt to the dirt bin and releasing air through a filter, too much dirt next to the filter will make it dirty quickly.

When the suction occurs, dirt will go with the air and get trapped in the filter. It can even push some dirt back out to your house if the filter is too dirty.

Ineffective Cleaning

When the dirt bin is always somewhat full or half-full and the filter is dirty, your robot vacuum seems to clean less effectively.

The reason is that the suction will lose effectiveness with too much dirt. The air must go through all the barriers (dirt) before being released. More barriers, less suction power.

5 Best Self-Empty Robot Vacuums For Hardwood Floors

1. ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Turbo: Crazy Strong With Great Mops

To start with the list, here comes the monster Deebot X1 Turbo. It has a self-emptying feature with a 3-liter dust bag that can hold up dust and debris for up to 75 days. This bad boy is a monster with a suction power of 5,000 pa.

That Is Strong.

Not only it has a 5000PA DEEP CLEANING and an all-new mopping system with a rotating mop head, but also TrueMapping laser navigation system and AIVI 3D Technology to identify, recognize and avoid obstacles above 2 inches in height even in the dark. It also can be voice controlled and has a 3L dust bag which is good for up to 75 days. After vacuuming, it returns to the station and automatically empties the dustbin; after mopping, it washes and dries the mop heads with hot air!

What Do People Say About It

  • Mops are great and you can choose the mopping option, depending on how dirty your floor is
  • 95% of the time it doesn’t get caught on cords
  • It never hits objects
  • Setting up is easy
  • It stays online and tells you where it is
  • You can see what it sees through the camera
  • The app allows for full customization of everything your robot will do.
  • Water in tanks does not last long enough to run through a week of cleaning.
  • Dust bag was shown as full in the app even though it was only 20-30% filled up, even after just a couple of weeks of use.
  • The app allows for customization of cleaning but can take some trial and error
  • The app allows for customization of cleaning but can take some trial and error
  • Sometimes gets caught on cords
  • Not great at removing stains even with multiple passes.

Shark AV2511AE AI Ultra: Strong And Effective

Shark AV2511AE AI Ultra is one of the best self-empty robot vacuums for hardwood floors. It has incredible suction power, Matrix Clean Navigation which cleans in a precise matrix grid taking multiple passes over dirt and debris.

The bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 60 days of dirt and debris as well as a self-cleaning brush roll and HEPA filtration system to capture pet hair, dust, dander, and allergens with ease.

It also has voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, Recharge and Resume which allows the robot to return to the dock and recharge before continuing the job.

What Do People Say About It

Pros of Shark AV2511AE AI Ultra:
  • Out-of-the-box assembly and setup were a breeze. Connecting with the app is simple.
  • It can measure a far distance
  • The noise level of medium suction is not too bad. You can actually work and watch TV during the cleaning session.
  • It can avoid obstacles well, as long as the obstacles are higher than 3.5 inches.
  • It does an okay job on the carpet. It can pull up loose hair and things on the surface of the carpet.
  • It has a smooth transition from hardwood floors to carpets and thresholds.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Sometimes Google Assistant can’t find the Shark ROBOT service as described in the Shark IQ documentation.
  • You need to pick up anything you have like cords, toys, shoes, etc. before running it to maximize its effectiveness.
  • The app tells you an estimated time to clean but cannot say what % of it is clean.
  • Slightly louder on the tile than on the carpet.
  • Could be better at cleaning edges and corners.

Roomba i3+: Affordable

Even though iRobot has released many more advanced models after the Roomba i3+, this Roomba i3+ still deserves a spot on this list. Because this is the most affordable self-emptying robot vacuum with more advanced features.

Roomba i3+ features a powerful 3-stage cleaning system and 10x the power-lifting suction compared to Roomba’s 600 series. The Roomba i3+ has an impressive runtime of 75 minutes and creates an Imprint Smart Map which allows you to direct it to clean any room you want.

It comes with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal that captures 99% of particles as small as .7 microns, holds up to 60 days’ worth of cleanings, and is completely hands-free. Roomba i3+ is also equipped with patented Dirt Detect Technology and integrated sensors that tell the robot where it can and can’t fit, so it won’t get stuck under furniture.

Roomba i3+ is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can control it with your voice. Roomba i3+ also estimates the cleaning time for each room and features adaptive navigation that allows it to move around furniture and avoid stairs!

What Do People Say?

Pros of Roomba i3+:
  • 10x the power-lifting suction compared to Roomba’s 600 series
  • Very affordable
  • It can estimate the cleaning time for each room
  • It has an adaptive navigation system
  • Quite when cleaning
  • Sometimes Roomba i3+ can go around your house like a blind idiot bumping into things.
  • It may take several Smart Map runs to get it right, while creating schedules for different parts of the house can be time-consuming.
  • Roomba i3+ may suggest rooms that don’t make any sense.

Roomba s9+: Expensive But Powerful

This Roomba s9+ is a much more advanced model compared with Roomba i3+. Roomba s9+ features a D-Shape design for deep corner cleaning, 3D sensors to detect obstacles that are higher than 2.5 cm, and a rubber brush that is 30% wider for more efficient cleaning.

Roomba s9+ also has vSLAM navigation technology which helps it map out your home more accurately and navigate easily around furniture and tight spaces. It is equipped with Clean Zone and Keep Out Zones so it won’t go into areas where you don’t want it to clean.

Roomba s9+ also offers 40x suction power and an Anti-Allergen System with AllergenLock Bags that captures and traps 99% of pollen and allergens. Roomba s9+ is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri and will respond to voice commands.

What Do People Say

Pros of Roomba s9+:
  • D-Shape design for deep corner cleaning
  • Detects obstacles very well
  • Rubber brush that is 30% wider for more efficient cleaning
  • Good for people with allergies as the lock bags do not release dust particles into the air
  • Roomba s9+ is expensive.
  • Roomba s9+ can be loud on certain surfaces.
  • Roomba s9+ may not be able to clean very thick carpets.
  • No pet waste avoidance

Eufy G40+: Affordable With Cool Features

Eufy G40+ is another affordable option with cool features. Eufy G40+ features an impressive triple-filtration system, Allergy Care, and up to 60 days of debris storage.

The Eufy G40+ puts out a remarkable 2,500 Pa of suction power that makes it easy to clean dirt and debris from any hard-to-reach area. Additionally, its slim size (17.68″L x 17.31″W x 13.96″H) allows it to even fit under the couch!

It operates at only 55 dB volume so you don’t have to worry about interrupting your daily activities while vacuuming around the house.

Eufy G40+ is also equipped with plans it routes ahead of cleaning time and no-go zones technology so you can direct it to clean specific areas in your house without worrying about it getting stuck somewhere it shouldn’t go. Eufy G40+ is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control as well as the EufyHome app for complete control over your robot vacuum.

What Do People Say

Pros of Eufy G40+:
  • Great for people with allergies due to the AllergyCare feature
  • It is very slim. It can go under the Couch
  • Relatively quiet. You can even have meetings at home while it runs.
  • It uses a regular back-and-forth pattern to cover the entire area, rather than randomly wandering over the area which is hit-or-miss.
  • Affordable
  • Eufy G40+ does not have pet waste avoidance technology.
  • Eufy G40+ may struggle with thick carpets.

Roborock Q5+: Great Value For The Price

Finally comes the most trusted robot vacuum brand: Roborock. This Roborock Q5+ offers a combination of powerful suction and navigation that make it an ideal choice for homes with pets and allergies.

The Q5+ is equipped with a 2.5-liter dust bag to allow up to seven weeks of hands-free cleaning, PreciSense LiDAR Navigation for extremely accurate mapping of your home in 3D, 2700 Pa Suction makes it easy to pick up dirt on hard surfaces and carpets.

It also has Multi-Plane Floating Main Brush which is strongly resistant to hair tangles and perfect for pets, a multi-layer filter that captures more particles and allergens than ever before.

Regarding navigation, it is equipped with Multi-Level Mapping so you can view different levels of your home virtually, No Go Zones, and Invisible Wall for targeted cleaning.

It can be voice control through Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Roborock Q5+ also has a room-to-room travel feature, allowing it to climb up 2cm and easily transition between rooms. Roborock Q5+ can run for 180 minutes and clean up to 3200 square feet of space.

What’s more, the price is not as crazy as iRobot Roomba s9+ but this robot is known for its durability.

What Do People Say

  • It does a great job on the baseboards and getting into crevices near the wall
  • It rarely gets stuck and learns your home quickly
  • It even sucked up a sock and that sock went completely through the vacuum to the dust bag without getting stuck at all (crazy suction!)
  • Excellent rug and carpet transition with rugs and carpets with different colors, and dark colors, both low and medium piles.
  • Great for people with allergies.
  • Quite loud when it empties into the bin.
  • No pet waste avoidance

Things To Look For In A Great Self-Empty Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Self-Emptying Feature

It is undoubtedly important to look for one that has an efficient and reliable self-emptying feature.

I mean, what’s the whole point of buying one with a self-emptying feature so you can remove yourself from the chore, but then that doesn’t work?

Models like Eufy G40+ and Roborock Q5+ both come with Self-Emptying technology, so you can trust that they will quickly and effectively remove dirt from your home without having to worry about manually emptying them every few days.

No Scratch For Your Hardwood Floors

Rubber brush vs bristle bar brush

One thing with hardwood floors is that they can get scratched and that scratch is easy to notice. You don’t want it to happen.

One way to make sure it doesn’t happen is to get a robot vacuum with a soft rubber brush. Generally, even with or without a bristle bar, robot vacuums are unlikely to scratch your floor. However, if you are extremely careful, get the vacuum with a rubber main brush.

Models like Roomba s9+ come with rubber brush without bristle that is soft for any surface, so you can rest assured knowing your floors will remain unscathed.

Lock Dust Bag To Prevent Dust Being Released To The Air

As the dust is stored in the dust bag for a long period of time, it is important that your robot vacuum must be able to lock the dust bag and prevent the dust from being released into the air. This is even more vital if you are sensitive or allergic to dust.

Self-empty robot vacuums like Eufy G40+ and Roborock Q5+ have an airtight seal that locks in all of the dirt and dust they collect, so you can be sure that your home remains clean and free from any airborne particles. Additionally, these models both come with powerful suction which ensures that even the smallest particles are captured, helping to ensure your hardwood floors stay looking their best.

Smooth Transition From Floors To Rugs

Robot vacuum goes from floor to rug

Many houses come with rugs and carpets. And going from floors to rugs and carpets might be troublesome for some robot vacuums.

Look for a robot vacuum that can transition seamlessly from hardwood floors to rugs and carpets. Models like Eufy G40+ and Roborock Q5+ both come with adjustable sensors which help them detect transitions between different surfaces and easily move between them without any issues.

Additionally, these models are designed with a dual wheel system which helps them climb up onto rugs of up to 1.5 cm in height, ensuring that your entire home is cleaned perfectly every time.

Additional Features

Depending on your needs, you might be interested in more additional features. For an instance, if you have pets, some strong robot vacuums are ideal, but there is always a risk that poopcastrophie can happen.

If your pets are not well trained, you might want to look into some robot vacuum with a poop-avoidance feature. I wrote this article just about that.

All in all, these self-empty robot vacuums for hardwood floors are all able to keep your home clean and tidy without your intervention for a long time. Choose one of these self-emptying robot vacuums today and keep your hardwood floors looking their best all year round.

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